Goat. Yoga.

CEB2147E-7BFE-48AC-A7B3-4E14C643F595Wow. This was a lovely experience. It was beautiful to drive out to Monmouth, it was gorgeous at Emerson Vineyards, the goats were sweet. You’d think it was all about the goats for me, a goat lover. But it wasn’t just about the goats. For 18 years I’ve thought I could only do yoga in a class, andI never made a yoga practice at home. I didn’t do any yoga for almost 2 decades.

Listening to people giggle, goats chomp grass and gurgling goat bellies and nibbles on my toes taught me that I can do yoga anywhere. Who cares if my dogs get on my mat or get it muddy? I realized I don’t care! 

The most I’ve ever done at home is sit on my mat, do some cat/cow, downward dog and shivasana. (My personal favorite.) And that’s happened about, well, less than once a year.

The teacher asked us to pick a word that would be our intention for the class, and to hold it in our hearts and minds. I immediately held “power” in my mind and heart.

Sure I was plenty rusty, but the blessing and grace that is yoga came back to me. It felt amazing and right (outdoors with sun and goats and grass and laughter sure helped), and I know deep in my heart that yoga is back in my life.


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