When I get sad about the state of the world, my life, my classroom, my love relationship, unlike the Prime Minister of England in “Love Actually,” I don’t got to the arrivals gate at Heathrow.

I search “Compost” on Pinterest.

There I surround myself with myriad images that just make me HAPPY.

Look, that guy did a compost bin for his red wigglers out of a rubbermaid container, like the kind I store my Christmas decor and children’s mementos in. There’s one with barrels hung on dowels so they can be turned to activate them more quickly.

There are always plants and green things in these pins, and suddenly I feel my shoulders lower, my smile broaden, and my breath calm.

This one is my dream compost bin.


Compost is a great metaphor for life. Use what you are going to throw away to make things grow in the next season. Take what you have shed from yourself and make something new, something completely NOT YOU, and make that beautiful.

To do composting is accepting the seasons, the cycle of life, birth, life, death.

That’s all. Today I want to compost a lot of my baggage and watch it grow into something beautiful and powerful.


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