Our pastor talked about faith today. It being just after Easter what we are talking about is the ability to accept God’s love-to just have faith in something. I can’t really understand this kind of love, the love God has for me, the love  youknowwho has for me. Pastor said, “Faith is trust in relationships.”


As a freshman  in college I remember my philosophy teacher saying trust was against philosophical ideas, that to have that kind of faith closes us off from  really seeing the truth and objectiveness of situations.

That statement really messed with my head. Junior year I asked one of my favorite professors of all  time, Dr. Leonard at SFSU, what he thought of this. I’ll never forget walking down the hallway in the humanities building asking him about trust and love. Was I just a fake and wrong to love my boyfriend (and my future husband)?

Dr. Leonard accepted what the philosophy professor had been on about. He said, “I get what he was saying, but we have to trust. For example, we have to trust we won’t die driving to work. We have to trust or we’d never make it through the day.”

Faith is trust. It is trusting that the people that love you will keep loving you even when you fall on your face. Faith is knowing that your friends don’t love you for your tidy house, they love you.

When my kids were little and we lived in SF, a friend told me this. She said she had a friend that was content to have play dates (which are more for the moms than the kids) even when her house was a wreck. It made my friend feel trusted, welcomed, loved, that her friend would have her over to an imperfect house.

That had stuck with me for almost 20 years. People choose to be in each other’s lives out of love, not materialism. Ok-maybe some do. But their motivation is not connection.

Faith-at its core-is trust in relationships. What a beautiful thing.

I trust this:


My cats, they have trust, too. They trust I’ll always open the door, because they are always on the wrong side of it.


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