“Right in the moment this order’s tall.”

(blog post title is a lyric from Skinny Love, by Bon Iver)


by Jennifer Fogerty

they say be yourself

even when

you don’t know who you are.

to search for your


attempt to find it where it lies,

create spaces for it to grow.

they tell her

find things that light you up.

in the lighthouse

you may find it.

some say

search through the forest,

go deep into the hallways

dig in the papers

maybe she’s there.

maybe she’s hiding upstairs


maybe she’s bleeding.

could she have lost her voice?

does she know it’s inside?

it’s right there, she can already touch it.

she’s lost sight of what she is

she is calling herself she

she is calling herself you

she forgot she is me.

she forgot she was always me

and me

is enough.






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