B0C42BBA-8AFB-4C12-97E1-25CE0F443C1FToday was an exceptionally amazing day all day. I had a great day at school witnessing  my student teacher hit a beautiful stride. It felt amazing to see her have huge success with Kindergarten and this wacky class. She developed several systems that completely work and have total buy-in from the kiddos. It’s a major game changer.

She’s now a co-worker and will be teaching with us next year in 6th grade! I’m so proud. She was one of those kind of teachers that I didn’t have to teach much, though. She learns quickly and she is a natural. It was lovely to see the development of her style.

Soggy Bottom Ranch

Then I got home to my beautiful ranch and took pictures. It’s going to have excavation work done tomorrow, and I’m super excited about my yard being level and the water being directed away from the house.

The only fly in my ointment is that our resident 14 year old is, well, 14. That makes it interesting to say the least. I got barked at today for nothing-it’s the nature of the teenage game.

I just looked at my trees and waited for Tom to come home.  Sometimes you gotta just let dad deal with it.



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