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I’ve been doing a ton of house-work over the last month. I’ve been working so much that coming home and working on the house and then working on a blog was more than I could do. If you keep up with me on Facebook at They Were Born Dragons or on Instagram at Jennifer.Fogerty, you have seen some pictures of what we’ve been up do.

We’re trying really hard to finish our house so we can refinance it and just be kinda done. It’s totally good for us and we’ve been working really hard. Our bodies are exhausted but it’s the kind of exhaustion that feels good because we worked so hard-for ourselves-and the reward of a finished house is coming to pass soon.


Thursday and Friday the excavator was here, digging a trench around our house to keep the wet of Soggy Bottom from rotting our house. When the excavator was pouring rock in it yesterday, Tom was in the trench, shoveling it around. Needless to say, my poor man is walking around hunched over due to all the back breaking work he did on the house yesterday.

See the grey paint on the siding? That’s our other job, along with caulking all the cracks on the entire exterior edges. The paint and caulk are not hard jobs, but they’re slightly time consuming. It’s ok, I get my ear buds in and just rock out and paint.

So that’s what I’m up to. I won’t skip so many days anymore-sorry!





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