There is no guessing what I intend to do in this space. I have writing implements, a computer and liquids. I’m sitting here writing it down.

For me, that has always been the best way to figure out what is going on with me. As a young woman it was my journals. I have two big boxes of my journals. Then it was also a LiveJournal I kept probably 12 years ago. Then my old website, which was a website for my art and jewelry I sold and a space to keep my visual work. However, my favorite part of it was writing my monthly love letter to the world. It was part update, part journal. I guess it was my first blog, really. I had a blog about parenting a challenging kiddo with ADHD.  I also had a blog called #tinyempire that I wrote while Tom and I were beginning our remodel of Soggy Bottom. In the beginning we were simply going to “flip” Soggy Bottom to make some money. hahahahahahahahahahaha That’s still funny to me. And we ended up remodeling two places at once. Read the blog to learn more.

I waited years to put my writing out there again. In February 2017 I self-published on Amazon a book called “Metal Hearts, Josie and Kyle Book 1.” It’s on Amazon Kindle if you want to buy it for the huge price of .99. My pen name is Tabby Storm. I wrote it under a pen name, even though my boss and superintendent both know I wrote it, because it’s a romance novel with some adult parts. I figured it might be too much for parents of Kindergarteners to know that I’d written a romance novella that included steamy parts. My written steamy parts will always be more romantic than they will be explicit. It’s my personality.

My sister makes an exceptionally great living writing much more steamy novels than mine on Amazon. If you’re curious about her work, email me. Her entrepreneurial spirit and success make me want to work harder. She works her ass off. She has a young child and a teen child. And she started with nothing but desperation. I know I can do it, there are so many examples. But seeing my sister doing it is just another piece of HUGE evidence because it’s right here in my family. She has done everything she can possibly do to get better, push more, develop more. Someday maybe she’ll let me interview her on my future podcast.

I’m getting such wonderful response from all of you. Many here on WordPress or on Facebook or Instagram. I’m still developing what this blog will look like. I’m working on creating a monthly blog post tool-bar, a search option, a hashtag search, PDFs of articles and curriculum to share, a photo album, sound clips, polls, quizzes, interactive stuff and more. I’ve never been more excited to not be working this summer at my day job!!! I will be developing my business and writing my ass off all summer. My blog and website may totally change over the summer as I put it up there quickly so I could just start creating content. I’ll keep plugging, and thanks in advance for getting that I’m a bit in BETA mode.



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