I managed to break my pinkie toe yesterday while walking across my classroom. It was intense, that lightning hot feeling one gets right before it feels super painful. I was standing there holding my toe up behind me, leg backbent awkwardly, and knew I was in trouble.

It’s been one heck of a week so far for my body. The most intense and physically painful (and necessary) massage I’ve had in years, bruises everywhere from remodeling, and now a broken toe. It’s all really some sort of sneaky message God’s trying to send me about mindfulness Or presence. 583A0AA0-E679-4BB1-A262-9B485BD629DF

I got the message yesterday that there are people that are upset about some things I’ve said in my blog. Being public about being a public school teacher and my story was too much for some. That’s ok. I don’t expect to be universally liked. Change agents rarely are.

I’m here to tell my story. That’s why God put each of us here-to do the thing that we have passion for and to be the best version of ourselves. I’m my best version when I can reflect and write. I fantasize about writing a memoir and I will. I also want to write youth picture books/chapter books, and young adult novels.

I’m not nearly as talented as Anne Lamott or Haven Kimmel or Suzanne Collins or Barbara Park or the grand poohbah herself Barbara Kingsolver. But I have something to say and I’m just going to keep saying it-just a tiny bit more anonymously to protect my job and my school. I’m from a tiny tiny town-I get how it’s important to keep some to yourself for self-preservation.

I’m sending out all the love to creativity and manifesting what I want today. I want you-future books. I’m going after you. Someday I will write a book on teaching, too, and it will find its audience.

Everything I want is waiting for me.



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