The miracle of pollen

No matter where you fall on the allergy scale, you gotta admit that pollen is some pretty impressive stuff. On the way home from school this evening I went over the Harrisburg Bridge and just saw wafts of pollen dancing in the air. It was like snow, and really beautiful. 

What trust, pollen has. It just carries its genetic material on the wind, heading out to brave new worlds, hoping to start a new life. It’s quite poetic, actually. I was weeding the other day and noticed the pollen on my grape plants. I’d never seen pollen on grape plants before. It’s just amazing what nature can do. When I think too hard about it I have to sit down and just kind of get quiet for a moment,  because it blows my mind so thoroughly. Don’t even get me started on mammoth sunflower plants. One seed carries the information in it to produce one flower with over 1,000 seeds that carry their own reproductive information, and so on and so on forever.

There is no way for me to not believe more in science and God when I think about the biology of plants. The whole thing just is a miracle.

I’m beat. I just stopped working about 10 minutes ago. I did an live video interview to teach English to Chinese kids. The pay is pretty low. And I got kinda nervous a little. But I know what I’m doing, and once I get the hang of the platform, I’ll be amazing.

This time of the year is insane. I go like I have a motor running. Sometimes I get sick the second school is out. I hope that doesn’t happen this year, because I’ll be in Mexico.


WHEELS UP Monday at 5:30 AM. 

Less than a week.


Here is a picture of students past and present running through my field of hay and hay pollen, spreading it themselves in a glorious wet romp.

Life is good.


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