Chilequiles are my favorite food now. That said, the first place I had them is now my ultimate favorite, and I’m returning this week to eat more of them! And unless you go to a special chilequiles place, they usually only serve them for breakfast! In the US we have this nacho thing correct-you can have them whenever you want. The first place I ate them was in Coyoacán over a meal with Laura from Switzerland. There they were served in a bowl and were more tasty than what I had today. That said, it was fun to sit here. My house-mate Paulina took me on a tour through Centro. We had a blast walking around and found this little 2nd floor restaurant in the Barrio Chine, or Chinese District.


National Post Office


After this we went to the Museum Bellas Artes. I paid 65 pesos to get in and see one floor of murals, as the rest of the museum was closed off for a new exhibit opening later this week. That said, it was worth it. This Diego Rivera mural was his 2nd installment of this design, after the Rockefellers tore down the one he did in their building in NYC. The Sisquieros murals were also outstanding, and the building was built in 1929, Art Deco and beautiful. After we saw Bellas Artes we went to the National Post Office, because that building was also home to murals (all closed) but the NPO itself was a glorious feat of art deco architecture.


Man at the Crossroads, Diego Rivera

Paulina wanted to make sure I saw Templo Mayor. She explained that it is relatively recent (fifty or so years) that it has been a museum here. The city was digging new sewer lines in this area, where richy-rich houses were built on, and as they dug, lo and behold-they found that everything had been built on top of the original main pyramid of CDMX.


As we were walking away from Templo Mayor, we passed the convent and church of St. Francis de Assisi. He’s basically my homie, so I had to go in. It was overwhelming and Paulina gave me some space while I got kinda weepy and threw it all up to God. It’s hard to describe how huge it is.


I knew I wanted to mark my time here with a tattoo, and I had done some research. Tattoos here are much much cheaper than I’ve paid, and what a perfect memento to take home with me.  Many would think it is prosaic to have a Frida Kahlo tattoo, but I don’t care. Her story and her strength are important to me, and she now lives on my body.

He was very professional and sanitary and quick. He prepped the design in less than 10 minutes, then it took him maybe 10 minutes to do it on me. I AM IN LOVE and very thankful to have this beautiful reminder on me now. And you’ll be shocked to know it cost me a grand total of thirty bucks.



IMG_9106After this there was more history! We went to an exposition about horses being used in military, and by revolutionaries and cowboys throughout North America. It was really beautiful and had some pretty incredible items from all over. I was tickled that there was a painting by Charles Russell, a Montana native, and some beautiful Navajo weavings.


This one is for my mom, Emiliano Zapata.


We hopped on a double-decker air-conditioned bus and headed to the Chapultepec Forest to see the Jardín Botánico. Immediately upon entering we were in another world! It was lovely and calm and so beautiful.



One of the most spectacular feasts for the eyes in this park is the Future Forest, a giant recycled plastic garden made with 3 tons of plastic waste. It is absolutely something we need to make in Eugene! If you want to learn more, go to Future Forest.


Our day was coming to an end, we’d taken a bunch of photographs. And then “ka=pow!!” the sky opened up and huge raindrops covered us. I’d called for an Uber about 2 minutes before, but by the time he arrived about 15 minutes later we were soaked to the bone. I told my travel companion that we looked like wet dogs.

We had a 45 minute ride home and his entire back seat was soaked. Hahaha! He was a good sport and let Paulina play music on his bluetooth while we drove home.

Lovely, lovely day full of unexpected delights.

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