Wild Card Wednesday: Independence

4th of july 2018

Friends, rural small towns, diverse Americans, parades, BBQ, love, tattoos, little kids, candy thrown from floats, ice cream, believers and non-believers, politics, hot dogs, pride and Pride. 

For me, this is what the US of A is about. Our country may have politics that make so many suffer and bleed, but I so refuse to hate my country for it. 

This is a country that still believes in love and kindness and freedom and beauty. These are not the stories told about this country in the media, and frankly, all of us small towners are often too busy to bother. We see the hate spewed about us, though. A whirlwind of hate said about us, assumptions. 

Some of us are feeding the country and the world with our food working 16 hour days and can’t take the 4th off. Some of us are preaching, teaching, leading communities, raising babies, making art. We are engaged in our own small towns just like those in cities.

This was an event in a small rural farm community. The only political signs I saw were from the right. I am very much from the left. 

It doesn’t matter, you see. What matters is our humanity and acting out against the wrong done to others. Every person in this community wants the same thing-raise their family and make their/the kids a little better off than they were. 

Today, I feel compelled to say my love for the American small town. Every one of my people would come to your aid if you needed it. Some even-gasp-voted for Trump. 

We do not need to be so divided. Please. Let’s fight for a better country, together. ✊🏾🙏🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸#americansmalltowns #america #happybirthdayusa #wearestillyoung #americanexperiment #love #kindness #4thofjuly

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