Thankful Thursday: Birthday Lessons

My son turned 19 Thursday.

The summer before I got pregnant with him,  I went on my 1st international trip to Europe. Twenty years ago. Twenty YEARS.

That’s bogus.

Last summer, after he graduated high school on time, a feat of major accomplishment for my son that struggles with Autism and ADHD and depression, I arranged a trip for him to go to Ireland for a month. His dad and I paid for him to go, and he went. It changed him, but the changes didn’t show up until he got home and ruminated on what he’d learned.

He’s thinking hard about life and what he wants to do. He’s struggling a little, but he’s willing to talk to me about it. We hung out with the dogs, talked about mindfulness and Buddhism, were comfortable to be quiet.

He’s a good kid. I’m proud of him in every way.


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