Self-Help Saturday: Pull yourself out of the doldrums



I’m struggling with performance anxiety today. I put out a video to promote my upcoming free webinar, and it was super scary. I’ve also put money into my project here of They Were Born Dragons, and I don’t know if I”m reaching people and if what I am doing really matters

I’m in the spot that the legendary businessman Seth Godin calls “The Dip.” This is that place where the entrepreneur or creative is on a project or new venture and it is fledgling. It is a new baby bird, and there may be success or just a tiny sliver of success or TOTALLY no success at all.

I’m scared no one is going to really respond to my work.

No one will sign up, no one will be interested.


I needed some major motivation. I needed to take care of myself and find some external resources to power through. So I decided to watch some videos about Seth Godin and his amazing business experience. This is an animated review of Godin’s book.

It’s great-but the narrator has some really wacky accent that’s a cross between The Count from Sesame Street and Borat.


I am going to always stick to this work. I’ve spend the last 25 years studying self-help and psychology and human development and brain science and teaching young people.

I know what I am doing, and I just need to find my tribe.

Please share my blog with people you think may ben part of my tribe. Please share my blog, my FB, my Instagram or my Twitter with those that might  be interested to learn more.



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