Meditation Monday: Dream Work


My morning view. None of these are my art. The far right is one of my grandmother’s watercolors of Overdale, our farm in Yaak, Montana where I grew up.
I keep having pretty intense dreams and have been laying here trying to understand them.

It started that I was walking through a market where street performers were dressed as statues. Their bodies were painted and they were stunningly realistic. They came to life and talked.

Then I was in a carriage and peeking at some of them, and one came to the carriage and came out of character after I said I used to paint my eyes that way when I was in theater school. He smiled at me. We showed each other our tattoos. I had one of the Mexican flag with USA and Mexico under it and skulls under both, and papel picado.

Then I walked into another market and I was looking at the watercolors of an artist. She had some of tarot cards. She asked to do a tarot reading on me. She had me close my eyes and she massaged my arms and hands. Then she pulled my cards. She laid out this deck in what she called “polarities” and those were ducks, chickens, foxes. She laid animal shaped cards on the polarities. I had no foxes and only one chicken, the rest were on the duck. She said this meant intense things and had a watercolor painting where she was going to paint my reading.

My children and their dad were waiting for me. I didn’t want to rush, but I felt like I was keeping them. Somehow the words “collagen children” popped in my head, and then I woke up.

After I thought about this part of the dream awhile I started being able to go back and recall what happened before it.

Before I saw the street performers as statues, I was with Tom walking through a gravel parking lot of a school. He said that kind of gravel was really really bad for tires and that it should never be used in parking lots. There was a woman walking along side us and she was a teacher at the school. She was walking tippy-toe in her super cute victorian boots to avoid getting gravel on her any more than she had to. Tom said he would never drive his Cadillac electrician van (in reality it’s a Ford I think) on this gravel, that it would be $200 easy just to fix his tires.

This is the interior I have to work with every day, folks. This dream was pretty tame, sometimes they’re so intense I have to actively try to eliminate them from conscious memory.

What would you interpret this dream as meaning?

I’m going to meditate on this today while I make an office for myself. I’m going to be moving some furniture around in the house and making a space to do my business that is JUST MINE and no one will set down tools or water or keys or random crap on it.

  • And maybe I need to do a watercolor.
  • And maybe I need to investigate this idea of tarot cards shaped as animals.
  • The word “polarities” and the word “collagen.”
  • Why a fox, chicken and duck? Why two birds and then an animal that would eat them?
  • Why did the tarot reader massage my arms and upper body before she read my cards?
  • Why were the statues Asian deities, some looking like Buddha? The eyes that they had painted on looked like Japanese Kabuki style.

Oh my, so many references in here to think about today.  What is God trying to tell me? This is some complicated stuff here. Except for the Tom part. That is hilariously exactly like something he’d say. Lol. And it’s kind of like what we have been working through. The rocks are probably emotions. And we walked right through them. <3


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