Tribe Tuesday: Literature Nerd, Joseph Campbell

Post Publishing Update: I planned to write a longer post, as I was getting sleepy as I wrote this one. I’ll come back to how huge this is for my connections later. 🙂

Thank you, Joseph.

I posted on Instagram about my very complicated dream, and my cousin’s wife sent me a great idea-think about the hero’s journey. I meditated on that a lot, and then this evening I went to the bookstore and read some from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with A Thousand Faces. I was literally stunned. I had read parts of his work all through college, but I guess, as is my pattern to transformation, I wasn’t ready to really learn the message.

Oh my.

There is so much for me to take ahold of with this work. And as I was watching his interviews from the 80s on Netflix he started talking about DRAGON archetypes.

The European dragons represent greed. They guard gold and virgins, and can’t enjoy either, but GUARDS them relentlessly.

The Chinese dragons represent vitality, strength  “and yields the bounty, he’s a great, glorious thing.”

The pure contrast here is just really giving me something to grapple with. Somehow, without ever having read or heard him talk about dragons-or maybe deep in my memory it rests there-I knew, I KNEW that these dragons (Kindergarteners) are wrestling with what it means to be human.

Psychologically, the dragon is binding oneself to one’s ego, and you’re trapped in your own dragon cage.

The primary [job] of the psychologist is open the dragon up, so you have a wider range of relationships.



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