Thankful Thursday: Rounding the Bend

0BCA8E9D-B6F6-44E1-99A7-75F257F33C46I set myself up a new office space by putting my desk in the living room under my painting. It’s a great place to work and a relief to have a place to keep my work instead of the kitchen counter. I mean-I love the kitchen counter, but it’s not ideal for writing, planning curricula, webinars, and dreaming. And maybe painting again finally-as you can see I have recently. 🎨 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my boyfriend? Yes? Well I’m telling you again. He’s pretty awesome. And we’ve worked our butts off for so long and now we’re finally rounding a bend-the work is going to slow down. And we’ll be able to do things like camp, hike, go to the river, a winery, take a drive, BBQ with friends. 

It’s going to calm down and maybe we will, too. Hahaha. Probably not! But our house will be finished and we can plant plants and sit on our gorgeous deck he made us and watch them grow. 

Like my cowboy lamp? It was my mom and dad’s back in the 70’s. I took a bottle of spray paint to him when I was given him about 10 years ago. My children were horrified that I painted him. I believe he is perfect! Now he wears a little French inspired bling. And when John and Sherry of @younghouselove came to Portland after they released their first book, I got major dorky fan girl mania and took cowboy to meet them. They signed him and John named him Chuck. It still makes me laugh, remembering standing in line with Chuck and my book, waiting to meet them. 

I think design matters a big deal and even though I type this sitting on an extremely comfortable yet UGLY pink camo recliner Tom bought at my school auction (it doesn’t blend and it’s hideous-but cozy) design matters and I care a lot about it. My house may have electrical components lying around, lots and lots of dust and dog hair-even though I vacuum constantly, but it is thoughtfully designed. And we’ll just ignore the pink camo chair. 



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