Wild Card Wednesday: Technical Difficulties

Wow. That was about all she had to say. Wow. (Nods to Kevin Henkes for borrowing his line)

What lessons! 

I struggled so hard today I thought I was going to puke. I used-no exaggeration-12 software products to complete my webinar today-and it still didn’t work live! 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, well, I learned so much! 

I learned that people still show up! I learned that I’m kind of impressive! 

I felt really validated today, and interestingly, a lot of the validation came from my own self. I watched my webinar and knew where I went off book and ad libbed and told relevant stories and connected things and I was real and authentic. 

I.AM.SO.PROUD.OF.MYSELF!!!! I kept having problems and I kept working them. I did it all sober and clear and with very little snacking to avoid the work. I just kept problem solving. 

There are some times in my personal and professional life that I have not been able to do that. Today-I did. For me, it feels like winning an emotional gold medal! 

Way to go Team Jen!!!

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2 thoughts on “Wild Card Wednesday: Technical Difficulties

  1. Congratulations Jen !

    1. Thanks Ben!!

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