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As I work on getting my business going, I read a LOT and listen to a LOT. One of the things I listen to every week without fail is Cathy Heller’s podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job.” It has been a major game changer for me.

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Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job

On her podcast she talks about starting to do the THING THAT MAKES YOU YOUR MOST YOU and how to make that your life’s work. She brings on guests from all over in so many different realms.  She’s had on Jenna Fischer, Seth Godin, Jen Sincero, Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Cameron, Lisa Loeb, Lewis Howes. Some huge names and some new to me, but every.single. person she interviews makes an impact on me. It is astounding the community she has curated. I can’t get enough of it! 

In order to build fortune, we have to start with our beliefs. If you believe, like I have, that you are “broke” and “never have money,” guess what?  You are. Whatever you put out there in your conscious and unconscious mind about your ability to create wealth and to keep wealth is of your OWN DOING.

I didn’t work at summer school this year. For the first year in my career. And I have every summer panicked about money the entire summer. 

I am still trying not to panic. I feel like I need to be making money. Every cent I spend on beer, food, gas, dog food, bills, makes me totally antsy.

But here’s the thing-IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT. EVEN IF I HAVE NO CASH FOR A WHILE IN SEPTEMBER I WILL BE FINE. I am doing okay, actually. I will figure it out.

I am going to keep listening to this podcast. I’m going to keep working on my money mindsets and meditate on all the things bringing money IN TO MY LIFE will allow me to do.

Here’s a short list of what I’d like to do I will do with my money, once I earn enough when I earn enough to give back more. I want to make $150,000 by next June. It is totally not unreasonable, and I can absolutely do it. I am just going to keep on keeping on. And if I don’t make that goal in that time, fine, move ahead.

But putting it out there is big. I’m DOING IT.

  1. Pay for school for any of my kids that need it.
  2. Pay off my student loans, my children’s student loans.
  3. Buy furniture, books, posters, learning tools, alternative seating, behavior support tools, etc. for my classroom.
  4. Create an endowment at my school for other teachers to buy whatever they need for their classrooms, especially new teachers.
  5. Create an endowment/scholarship program at Kalapuya High School to honor what they did for my son’s education and development.
  6. Create an endowment/scholarship program at Portland State University and the Women’s Studies program for what they did for my daughter’s education and development.
  7. Buy my children each a car or mode of transport if they need one.
  8. Buy a few really nice pieces of clothing for myself.
  9. Buy Tom the truck of his dreams.
  10. Build a shop for Tom
  11. Take a vacation with Tom.
  12. Travel with my children.
  13. Create a scholarship program at the Yaak School for young people to go to college and become teachers.
  14. Take a weekly guitar lesson.
  15. Hire someone to clean my house.
  16. Create a scholarship program at Central Linn for students wanting to become teachers.
  17. Buy a tractor.
  18. Get goats.
  19. Hire a caretaker to do the weed-whacking and pick up dog poop and other odd jobs on my farm so I can just sit in my hammock and watch the birds.
  20. Take as many yoga classes as I want.
  21. Hire a personal coach.
  22. Get monthly massages.
  23. Be that person that has paid her bills a month or more in advance.
  24. Save for my retirement, which is a misnomer because I will probably never retire out of choice. So-save for the future. 🙂
  25. Be the person that can just go pay $1000 for new tires when she needs them. Or new curtains. Or a new underwear. Whatever that thing is that I need, I will be able to just go get the thing I need because I need it.
  26. Do all the things I want to do when I want to do them.
  27. Help my mom get into a house that she loves.





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