Meditation Monday: The love of dogs, and an exciting new class

I went to Sweet Cheeks today to write. I was feeling a bit sad and disconnected.
Barley the black lab was there, loving on me with his big wet head.
I threw his torn up ball a few times.
He kept dropping it in my lap and staining my white tank top with mud and slobber.
After a while I told him “all done.”
I wanted to keep petting his lovely big black head, but he wanted to play.
He reminded me so much of my Rosie that passed last spring.
I said no more.
He didn’t stop loving me. He accepted my limits and went to find another person to play.
This lesson. This exact one. OH how I struggle.
After I made this connection with Barley, I made a deep connection with myself.
I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts and lately the ones I’ve listened to are interviews with several writers that work with gratitude. And I watched the Mr. Rogers movie recently and he also encouraged people to think about someone that helped us grow into who we are.
And. The other day, sitting in my field at dusk watching the birds, I realized others need this place. So I have a new class. I’m very excited about it, and it will be extremely fun, enlightening, joyful, and emotional.

Choose Your Own Adventure in Gratitude

First class: Saturday, August 4, 9:00-11 AM, PST.  $40.


If you are a student, 20% off.


What will we do?

IMG_9852.JPGGreeting and Offering of simple snack/beverages.

You will be invited to choose a “seeking stone” from our massive rock collection. The stone will be your keepsake to hold your memories of the day.

Now enjoy a gratitude experience, recalling a soul that has impacted you in your life. For 1-5 souls, you will create art while holding them in your heart and mind.

You will find a place to put this small creative offering here at Soggy Bottom and it will stay here to serve as a witness to others. You will take this journey thanking these special guides in your life.

Consider who would you thank in these areas, and each has a unique activity:

Adventure Seeker
Grounded Caretaker
Nourishing Healer
Expert Practitioner
Creative Ignitor

Example: You choose your best friend in college. You hold her as adventure seeker,. Her qualities brought out a love for the new and unique in you. Perhaps you drove across the USA together, or backpacked through Turkey and Greece. Using the provided materials, you will choose one word to describe her and paint on barn wood.
I will be nearby at all times if you need me or have questions, but this is self-guided exploration with instructions/tips/clues along the way.
You are welcome to spend two hours or a little more/little less. It’s your journey. Soggy Bottom Ranch and my little prompts will help you on your journey.
This is a way for your gratitude energy to pay it forward to others. I know it will be beautiful. I know you will be moved. I’m SO excited!

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