Sunday Full of Grace: Pause

IMG_9932I have been busting my ass. It feels AMAZING.

I mean, it’s kind of funny.

I told everyone that I was going to “take the summer off.”

That didn’t turn out to be emotionally or financially a good choice for me at this juncture. We are finishing our addition and it is costing us every spare cent. EVERY spare cent. I’ve done a few recreational things, but very minimal. Any clothes I’ve purchased this year came from Goodwill or St. Vinnie’s.

It has all been worth it. But we’ve had barely a moment to just appreciate it. Sometimes you need stillness to appreciate.

We have our final inspections tomorrow so we can close permits. It feels like the biggest thing. I am SO HAPPY to let this all just go, to move into a new way of living.

I honestly need a great deal of time when I am home that  I am not up against other people’s deadlines. I want to just sit here in the early morning and type, write, drink coffee. Listen to my hens and rooster (yes SG, I have a rooster it turns out) and get up and plant something or just revel in this amazing property. I want to spend an hour listening to the birds play. Sit under my willow. Stretch.

It’s coming, thank you sweet baby Jesus. It’s coming.




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