Tribe Tuesday: Art and Signs


I had a really good day working on what I wanted to work on. Which means, I worked on my yard and my studio. Look at some of the signs and art I found under the grape arbor today. The previous “good owners” collected rocks and signs. The signs are super cool and I LOVE THEM. I also have a Montana license plate from 1968, as well as an Oregon truck license plate from 1946, and avCalifornia and Texas from the 50s.

YES. THAT IS A CONCRETE GREEN TREE MAN. Yes. A green tree man. My Uncle Cliff used to BE the Green Tree Man, now he teaches others how to be him. And I have my own tree man bust! Wow!

I power washed for 3 hours, and set up my workshop studio. It made me really really really happy to work on my yard and not have to paint anything. All I had to do today was meet the appraiser for our refinance. And the dude said to me:

your house is basically perfect.

So that was nice. I hope it translates into a HUGE appraisal number. Like a really good one.

Soggy Bottom continues to surprise me. Today I found (and later Tom hung) these treasures, plus thunder eggs, glass bottles, milk glass remnants, sticks. I also found a lot  ants, and if you know me, you know that ants are my mortal enemy. I will never kill any other living being besides ants and wasps. Ants and wasps die a horrible death no matter what. Everything else lives. I know, I’m not God. And God had/has some sort of sick reason for wasps. I know the reason for ants-they are the planet clean up crew. BUT. I don’t want the suckers in my space. They’d set up shop and were laying eggs and having a great party in my barn wood. They were excavated with my water power washer (one of the best tools ever) and now there are just little trails of them. Oh my. I am a major fan of spiders, BUT, they make those webby webs everywhere. Like, I’ll clean out my hedges and then they’ll be filled with webs the next day.

Tomorrow I teach the first installment of Choose Your Own Gratitude Adventure. I’m so so excited.

Right now I’m watching School of Rock-one of my top TEN OF ALL TIME favorite movies. When he gets his equipment out of his van to a Jimi Hendrix song-that is my absolute favorite thing. It is so good, it’s just good.



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