Thankful Thursday: Maintenance is Holy


I remember having a discussion with my son about 10 or so years ago where he was lamenting the fact that he had to clean his room, brush his teeth, fill out a reading log. He was yelling at me, “I JUST ALL DID THAT YESTERDAY!”

Me: I know buddy. Life is like 80% maintenance

L: Mom. I HATE THAT. I don’t want to do a reading log ever again.

Me: I get it. Go jump on the trampoline and come back and do it.

I can see his point. Once you’ve performed a task, and you have other things on your mind, it can be overwhelming.

This morning I had a list of tasks I had to complete, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I poured myself coffee and dished up a leftover cinnamon roll and got my computer out to work. And then I thought-wait a minute. Doing all that at the same time is not the most mindful practice. I ate at the counter and just ate. And then I started to work. Yeah, my laptop was open. BUT I didn’t attempt to type.

One step at a time.

It made me think about a conversation with my past principal, Amanda. She and I were talking about a GoNoodle video I had on in my classroom about mindfulness. The speaker was saying, “do just one thing at a time. If you are eating, just eat. If you are reading, just read. Be here. Right now.”

Do something mindful today. Choose to do one task fully and with your complete attention instead of attempting to multi-task. Multi-tasking is a misnomer. We can’t really. We can clean the house or yard and carry multiple things at a time so we deposit them in their locations in most efficient manner. We can hold parts of conversations in our minds and respond to others quickly referring back to what we were saying. But no-the human brain cannot answer three questions from 3 people simultaneously and put away dishes and make dinner. We stop and start. Our brains are amazing and complex supercomputers, but we still function one task at a time.

Be here. Sit and look at a tree. Wash a dish and really think about how you’re washing it. Love your partner and think only about them. Play with your child or your pet and think only about them. What a holy experience-to be fully present with someone or with yourself.





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