Meditation Monday: [love]…Made Visible


I love this picture so hard. Someone came home today and saw my adventure things. They started right in on making one. The words here and the paint on the arm-oh the gorgeousness of this! This friend is a little anxious about others seeing this,  so don’t mention it if you know her.

The wooden crates are just some of the many treasures found here at Soggy Bottom.  Beauty and mystery and fortune abounds behind every bush, under each tree. The apple trees are heavy with fruit, and they’re abundant. They may be tiny, but there are a lot of them! How does one get bigger apples? Is it the type of tree? I don’t know. I’m a baby farmer, learning as I go.

Tonight I fed us stir fry and roasted pork under the lights on the electrical spool table and the chairs and bench we found here when we bought the place. We bought the lights at Costco yesterday and Tom installed them tonight. THEY ARE MAGICAL.

Really-this place was full with so many treasures. They were just everywhere. E04F1666-7F85-4A56-8DB1-D190166C36FA

Treasures come in many forms. Sometimes treasure is in the people. Sometimes the treasure is in the words, or the adventure, or in the things you find or the things you learn.

At Soggy Bottom, treasure abounds.


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