Tribe Tuesday: In every day, the choice is up to you.

So I’m painting the fence of this historic house in Albany, OR. It was built in 1872 and it’s pretty spectacular. Its fence is also spectacular, but not as old. The fence surrounds the entire historic site, and it has gothic pickets. After painting the sections you can see here in the photo, I have some meditative take-aways.

Things may look broken and used and done, but actually are very stable and solid. Things may look 100% fine on the surface but have hairline cracks and broken parts making them incapable of being the same ever again.

It’s interesting what one will ponder while simply painting a fence.

The first day, a smart aleck septuagenarian quipped “Have you read Huckleberry Finn? You are supposed to have someone else do that.”

No I didn’t tell him that the fence wasn’t mine and that in fact, I was the one that was doing it for someone else. I enjoyed that exchange, and so did he. So let it be what it was.

Last time I listened to my Coyoacan mix on my iPhone. Today I listened to several podcasts on Don’t Keep Your Day Job, a much more meaningful and inspirational way to spend the hours I spent painting.


My boss told me yesterday something she’d heard in church. We are both women of faith and share this with each other now and then. We were talking about mindfulness. She said she heard a guest pastor say in her church that “joy and contentment are choices. You may not be happy, but you can experience joy and contentment.” I loved that!

Every single day, we have the choice to make the day what we want it to be. We can be stuck in our crap, or not. It’s up to us.


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