Thankful Thursday: Gestures

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There are people that come into our days for just little blips. They are the people we have small interactions with in doorways to stores, in parking lots, in intersections, in lines in stores, in the aisles of stores. We bump up against them in festivals, street fairs, neighborhoods, bleachers, soccer games. We bump into other souls constantly. Usually we are able to just move on. But sometimes those interactions change us completely. Sometimes, and this is so interesting, we don’t actually have to talk to that person for it to change us. Sometimes we can just witness their story, see a glimpse into their reality, and it can change us.

I was driving today and saw a woman talking to a homeless man. It made me happy to see that someone would stop and talk to a homeless person with a sign, acknowledge their humanness and be human with them. Then, while I was waiting in the middle of Coburg on that 3 lane road-a girl from Dutch Bros. ran over and gave him a whipped concoction, and then ran back across to Dutch Bros.

It doesn’t take a lot to show other people that we see and care them. It’s so simple, really. Maybe you don’t stop and talk to the homeless man. You can smile at him, though. You can keep your eyes up and not averted. You can make eye contact and say through your gaze, “I see you.”

It brings us joy to see joy in others. Is the homeless man living a blissfully happy life? No, probably not. But did he in fact have joy in that moment? I think he did. And watching him experience it made me happy. Two strangers stopped and made him part of their story, and they made a new story all together.

I have been listening to A LOT of podcasts. I’ve been a seeker since the day I entered this planet, and I’ll be a seeker still after I leave. I listen to these podcasts and they fill my brain and feelings with so much goodness and so much learning and wellness, it’s hard to quantify it. It sounds so unbelievable, but listening to podcasts this year has changed my life. I have so so so much to thank Cathy Heller for, there’s a special space in my heart for her now. She’s curated this amazing talent list, and I’ve listened to her blog where she shares her own knowledge and experience as well as the interviews with experts from across so many disciplines. I am humbled by it, this free platform that has changed me so so much. I’m going back into before I found her, miraculously in March, and there are two years of podcasts to listen to. WHAT A GIFT.

Honestly, check it out.

I’ve listened to 12 hours of her podcast in the last few days, and I’ve re-listened to several. I listened to her talk to Jenna Kutcher, Lili Petit, Jen Sincero, Jasmine Star, Caroline Miller, Amy Porterfield, Don Most, Saul Blinkoff. These are the things I’ve spent most of my time painting listening to. I realized that listening to my angry and self-fulfilling dramatic music wasn’t serving me, so I started listening to things that fed my soul.

The basic tenet of every single thing-EVERYSINGLETHING-that I have heard her and her guests say is this, in my paraphrasing:

YOU DO YOU.  Do the thing that makes you the youest possible.

You the youest you can in your life.

The things that make you uncomfortable and terrified are the places to direct yourself toward. That is where the magic happens.

Work hard. It doesn’t happen in a day, week, month or even a year. Sometimes it takes many years. You might need to pivot from your original passion.  You might be close, but not quite on it yet, but when you find the magic combination of things that make you the most youest you can possibly be, you will make more money than you can imagine, you will be a shining light of honest goodness, and you will CHANGE THE WORLD BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING YOUR HIGHEST SELF.

I am really excited by things by this. I feel like I have found my tribe. There are people out there that genuinely get me, that get my particular crazy entrepreneurial drive (thanks mom and pop for the gene pool) and there are people that spend their lives doing this work, working this work, dreaming this work.

I love being a teacher, it is in my guts. But I can’t promise I’ll do it for the next 20 years. I have more I need to do. For now, I am absolutely teaching those little people how to be little people in a world that is highly confusing. And while I do that, I am definitely going to be a coach and guide for adults to ALSO find stillness and peace and calmness and mindfulness in a world that is too full of distractions.

I am in love with life. It has so much to offer us.

Thank you.




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