Fortune Friday: Soggy Bottom Ranch


We officially refinanced our farm today. We went in to Cascade Title and signed all of our loan documents. Cascade is my favorite title company, and Amanda Bomark is my favorite Escrow Officer We’ve worked with Amanda several times now. She knows what she is doing and is hands-down so on the side of the buyer. She gave us so many financial tips in regards to the features of our new FHA loan. So grateful to her. Our Mortgage Advisor was Brad Thornton at OPES Advisors. He’s so kind, patient, honest, sincere. He works incredibly hard. Tom and I had some hiccups along the way and Brad handled it all with grace and kindness. What a gift! Give OPES and Cascade some love if you’re buying a home. They are great companies to work with.

It’s amusing how many times in the last two years Tom and I have signed papers on houses. We’ve used 3 different title companies.  We purchased both of our houses with private money, and both times had to get a 2nd mortgage with private money to help us finish. It has been a fair amount of paperwork and exchange. Having the help of businesspeople that are in the position to help us and not act like pirates and shysters is something that we are so.exceptionally.grateful.for. So lucky, so fortunate. There is no way we could have done all of this without that support and help from kind businesspeople that run their own real estate businesses and help out hard workers like us. Both of them have joked to us, though, “we’re basically retired, you know.” So no-I won’t give anyone their names. 🙂

This is the first time we have signed papers to refinance a house just the two of us, based on our own creditworthiness. This is built on what we have built, the hard work hustling doing several jobs on our home and several jobs in the world to come up with enough capital to make this happen. At one point we felt like we owed everyone and probably did. The last time we went to Jerry’s we were actually buying fun stuff  for Tom’s Green Egg smoker (another treasure left at Soggy Bottom that we’ve renovated and repaired) and we got a great deal on a pizza kit for it. Really, it was such a good deal that we felt like we were stealing it, but it was their anniversary sale and we triple checked. We joked with the salespeople that we’d built two houses in the last two years using Jerry’s, an amount well into the six figures, so it was like a present for our housewarming.

We closed permits. We got a great appraisal on our property. We refinanced our house. We looked at each other and said “wow.”

Harkening the words of one of my favorite children’s books, Leo the Late Bloomer:

We made it.


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