Meditation Monday: Breathe. Think. Calm.

What a truly interesting day.

I tutored in Corvallis first thing. I was so tired, but so was my client, so it was fine. Then I drove, kind of in a daze. I won’t lie-the side hustles are getting to me physically. I’m beat.

So as I was leaving the tutoring gig, I realized that it was 11 am and I still hadn’t consumed coffee. No-trust me-I knew I hadn’t consumed any yet. It just suddenly hit URGENCY and I was driving in a weird direction through Corvallis that I haven’t done before. There is a lot of road construction everywhere and in every town, so that’s why I got set off on a weird route. I came upon a walk-in Dutch Bros. which was really cool. I had a latte and a bagel cream cheese. I sat there and kinda took it in, feeling weird and tired.

After I left there I  went to my classroom to get some supplies to test an incoming Kinder. It was odd in my classroom, too. It felt so foreign. It felt like I hadn’t been there in so long that I didn’t really feel like it was mine. I kinda felt like an intruder.

I decided today that I need to love on this space some more. I need to do more teal paint, and I need to make it more efficient. Tom is going to help me do some work on some spots to make it more efficient. It’s unbelievable how some small tweaks in environmental design will help the entire system of a classroom change. I’m excited to put them into place.

Then I drove into Eugene and dropped off some papers at the escrow officer that somehow got left out. No worries, it’s all fine. Then I went to AT&T to get a new protective glass screen for my phone. While the sales associate was helping me a lady of about 75 came in and was super upset. She said “did you find it?” and the sales associate said “no, and we asked around even.” The lady said, “this is just devastating. I have had a really hard day.”

I didn’t know what she was looking for, but at that moment looked at the chair she had her hand on, the chair she’d been sitting at earlier that day. Her wallet was sitting under it. I said, “is that it?” And she said, “OH MY YES!” and grabbed it. She was so relieved she almost started to cry. Her eyes were filled with tears.

I looked at her and her creased face, her tension, her anxiety, her fear, and I just embraced her.

I said, “I don’t usually do things like this, but you definitely look like you need a hug.” She said “I have needed a hug for 7 weeks.”

I wondered what had happened to her in those seven weeks. I just kept holding on to her. And then I looked in her pale blue eyes and white hair and slumped shoulders and said,

“You’re going to be alright. It’s going to be ok. You’re ok.”

Sometimes you have no idea what God is going to tell you to do in a day.

I felt dazed all day. Maybe I was feeling this sweet woman’s energy from all of my travels today. I clearly needed to show up at AT&T at the time I did, in the way I was, and to be there to help this sweet old lady out.

After that I went to Lowe’s to buy Teal Zeal paint and then to Sushi Station to eat cheap $1.50 a plate happy hour sushi. Then I went to Target where I bought shampoo/conditioner and these items:


Today was random and obviously not random.

You never know.

You never know what God will send you to do.

I’m filled with gratitude.

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