Sunday Full of Grace: Birthday party

I catered an 80th birthday party today and it was so lovely to see the closest friends of this former teacher shower her with kindness and love. It was sweet and tender and made me happy to be there. It is very hard work, catering, but it’s absolutely the best when I can connect with the clients and help make sure their day is special. Because at the end of the shift-the most important thing is that I was there to help make their celebration a celebration, to be a part of making memories that are beautiful for someone.

I’m exhausted today after back to back events, and then tutoring this AM. But I fill filled with gratitude that I make a little money by curating exceptional experiences for others. In a very real way, catering is very akin to my business. I’m in the people business and my job is to see others, make sure they know it, and to make space for them to do what they want to do or need to do.

What a huge blessing!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Full of Grace: Birthday party

  1. I love this photo of you!

    1. Thank you so much, Angie! It’s in Big Willow, and Tom took it. I love him, obviously.

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