Wild Card Wednesday: Purge the old stuff

This is where I spend most of my waking hours. I am going to change it to be more my personal design style this year. Softer. Calmer. More textiles, more texture. Wood. Baskets. Vibrant color in areas. Cloth on bulletin boards.  I’m going to buy washable pillows and let kids have flexible seating. I wish all my tables were solid wood.

I helped my new colleague Kinder empty all.of.Karen’s.paper out of her office.

A lot of a paper that woman had.

I get it. She was trained as a teacher in the 80s, in a pre-techy microfiche era. I mean, I get it, I was trained about 10 years later. She was the child of parents from the depression. I totally get why she kept.everything. EVERYTHING. My poor new colleague looked beleaguered and I couldn’t in good conscience go do my room without giving her some time. It was actually quite therapeutic to recycle all the stuff I’d been gently trying to get Karen to unload over the years. But I did find a box of photographs that her family obviously didn’t see, and I will happily deliver it to them. Super sweet photos from decades of teacher photos and candids from her with kiddos, parties, events, regular days.

That girl had a lot of stuff, but she had a lot of love to give away, too. I’m gonna miss her. I found the photo of her from her cafeteria lunch bin spot and saved it. I’m going to put it up, to remember.

My new colleague is excited, but overwhelmed at the daunting task of room set up. It’s a huge space (double the size of my room) and has a ton of cabinets-and a lot of stuff to go through. She said, “if you need space, you just let me know!” I may take her up on it. I have a lot of classroom books. I’m thinking of storing over 1/2 of my books because it’s too much on Kinders to have so many out at once, especially in the beginning.

There’s so much activity happening at our school and I’m really excited we have so many brand new teachers. All of them are, actually! Just graduated, ready to prove themselves, ready to make a difference. They’re all so excited to be with us, and it is a really beautiful thing.

I’m getting really excited, too. Tomorrow I’m heading back, gonna paint a little. A lot of people have been painting. It’s just time. My upper walls are a beigey horribleness but I’m not courageous enough to do all of them this summer. I’m just going to do the parts at the front of the room above the whiteboard. It’ll make it look more presentable for sure.

It’s good to be back.

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