Fortune Friday: Make it Real

Painting a classroom

Painting a classroom


I painted my little room today. Oh did it need it! It was so ugly before and very grungy. I gave it a fresh coat of teal paint and touched up my main room. But quell surprise- my last paint job was with flat paint and I bought satin. So this happened:

Hahahahahaha hahahahaha!

I go back tomorrow or Sunday to paint the funky spots and work on space planning. I think I’m going to make the little room a library/zen/sensory room.

It’s so much work setting up a classroom. Every year brings new challenges and new things to try. I’m actually surprised that I managed to get excited again, because I wasn’t for a long time.

I’m ready to make this new year amazing and meaningful for a new crew of Kindergarteners.

2 thoughts on “Fortune Friday: Make it Real

  1. I love your new wall color and I think the kids will, too!

    1. Thank you. I had teal before, just touching up and adding more. But my old stuff was flat and now I have satin. It’s funny!

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