Self Help Saturday: Be Together and get things done

Tom helped me so much in my classroom. He took out these dividers that I don’t need so I can store bins there. Major upgrade!

He took some wood braces out that I don’t need (and aren’t structural) under my counter so these shelves could fit.

He installed all of my bulletin boards in new places and moved my soap dispenser so Kindergarteners can actually reach it. He, in general, made my room a good space for me. And he was so cute doing it.

While he was doing all this (and I prepped for him as to not waste his time), I was painting. I decided to paint the wall above my whiteboard after all.

After we went home we went to the Prairie Schooner for dinner and went out after for some beers.

I can’t tell you how Earth shatteringly different it is to have our lives back. We just do a regular busy people kind of life now, not insane. And we get to actually relax with each other and when we’re doing relaxing things we don’t have stuff hanging over us.

Our house is refinanced with a bank, not private money, and we have a good FHA loan. We’re so so so proud of all the work we did to get here.

Lucky and fortunate doesn’t come close. The best self-help I could get-being at home with the love of my life in a house we built from the ground up, together.

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