Meditation Monday: One Step at a Time

Feeling pretty good about pretty much everything. This is not to say that I don’t get sad, or overwhelmed, or frustrated, or pissy or arguey, or just MEH. That happens¬†every day still as well.¬†


The sucky parts are taking up less time. I am finally feeling okay with the fact that every day is going to have some shit in it. It’s becoming totally acceptable that I’ll have something that is probably going to be hard every day. And if you have days that suck the whole day, I challenge you that it is because of your perspective.

And oh sisters and brothers, yes. I’ve lived so many of those kind of days.

It’s just what is.

But some days shock you and are 100% amazing the whole time. Those are the days that you look at and think:

“miracles are at work. This whole day was practice in presence and I recognize this as an act of God.”

I took this picture Saturday morning. Tom and I had had some great days, and I was feeling so.good.

All I can say is I’m feeling it. When I’m not, I just recognize it as challenging energy. I look at challenge (right now, who knows about tomorrow) as an experiment in focus.

Harness the energy by simply noticing it. That’s one of the deepest meditation strategies I’ve learned. Just notice. And take it in. And notice some more.

That is basically the secret to life.

I don’t know how to share this with everyone in a way that doesn’t sound too religious (sorry secular fans, I am deeply religious) or too touchy feely (I own crystals and essential oils and tarot cards and amulets) or too fill in the _________.

All I know is that this life is for living. And life is NOT MEANT TO BE ALL BUTTERFLIES AND RAINBOWS. Sometimes it totally is. In fact, every day of your life can contain a shit storm and a rainbow butterfly orgasm. (sorry, it was the best description)

Just live.

Cry. Laugh. Rage. Feel. Take in.

Just take it in. Take in everything.

Notice it come in. Notice it go out. It is all a blessing from God.

If you are here, you are meant to be. Don’t waste your one precious life worrying that you are doing your life “the wrong way.”


Just align with YOU and you can’t go wrong. I promise you this is why you are here.


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