Sunday Full of Grace: Time

Time is precious. It can allow you to settle down. It can bring you peace. It makes everything that came before insignificant.

But that is only if you allow yourself to be in the moment. To be present. To be here.

For four days in a row, I just let myself be in the moment. Our house refi recorded on Wednesday, and after that, we just started to calm down more each day.

Honestly, I have nothing more to say about how beautiful this weekend was. It was just us. Me and Tom. I am so grateful.

Today was one of the best days of my life. Because I was just 100% in the moment and had Tom all to myself and we were just together and present. 

To know that you are living your best life, attuned to your true self, there is so better glory in life than that. Some say this is actualized. No I’m not there yet. I think life is a path of working towards being actualized.

I am grateful for the pain of my past, to the pain of my experiences, to all the joys and journeys and troubles.

This guy right here was sent to me when I needed him. And I was sent to him. We lived decades before with others, experiences etched in stones before this time. We learned what we needed to learn so that when we came together we had what we needed to be the best versions of ourselves.

And now is the time for us. Our time to create something new and pure.

Oh My God.

I have nothing else to say but thank you.


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