Wild Card Wednesday: an Intentional Space to Learn

I’m truly loving working on my classroom set up. It’s the first time I’m going back into a classroom that I haven’t already spent a summer in, or haven’t just only stopped working summer school a week or two. I will never do it again! I vow to take a classroom break every summer from now on. I sure had to hustle this summer, but it was a much better choice for me than having a classroom to attend to.

So here I am thinking about making an intentional space that reflects me. A place that feels calming and peaceful and represents my style and ways of being. A place that every item is there for utility or beauty and nothing is just hanging out “in case.”

This means I’ve been purging my classroom as well as helping my colleague purge hers. And I have more to go. No. I don’t need to keep every book anymore. No, I don’t need all those plastic containers. No. I don’t need 5 birds nests-I’ll keep one and compost the rest.

I’m creating a space that will feel calming, beautiful, inspirational. It feels good to be getting things like oils and stains to refinish my cabinetry to make the wood beautiful again, to be removing labels that are years old and not reflective of what’s behind them.

I repainted my walls and they look spectacular. There are no areas where you can see my brushstrokes anymore, and it looks lovely to not see white marks where staples or nails were removed over the last three years-or Kindergarteners picked the paint off. It just looks like someone went in and did some maintenance and took care of it. I heart that really big. It feels homey.

I keep thinking about intentions, so I googled “Setting Intentions for Your Life.” I came across this article, which has great suggestions.

Perhaps when I make a classroom constitution with my students, instead of saying “we promise,” we will say “We intend.” Because intentions can change, and we can evolve them. Children are different in say November or February or April than they are in September. They should have the right to look at their constitution and see if they want to amend it or add to it.

Setting Intentions for Life article

I am in no way done. But it is feeling so much simpler, utilitarian, and beautiful. I am more than confident that this is going to be a great year.


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