Fortune Friday: Being with your People

My children and bonus child Amber are so punk rock. It’s insane. They are 100% cooler than I ever was.

I took the man-child to IKEA to buy furniture for his new room in his new house that he and his dad and grandpa just moved into. He lived in he same house for over 16 years. He’s struggling.

Piper and Amber are in a good place, and seem really relaxed and kinda zen. It was super nice to be around them for a while. And watching Liam enjoy his sisters was lovely. While with them, I was 100% present.

I had only a-little-bit of trouble managing my own internal shit I was working with today because me and the Mr had an absolutely stupid fight last night. I’m exhausted. It’s hard to balance all my plates right now. I wish I was better at it.

Life is imperfectly perfect.

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