Wild Card Wednesday: So busy I got sick

I left for school this AM and my tummy was nauseated. It just got worse after I got there. I had to go home at 2 because I just felt like I needed to lie down. I was worried to even drive home.

I came home and laid on the couch in the sun. I drank lots of water. I’ve had about 40 oz at least since I got some and some crackers. I took a little nap on the sunny couch and then Tom came home and fed me Otter Pops. He worked on his shop a while and then came in and watched the rest of my romantic country singer/Home town movie with me.

I feel better in my belly and better with my sweetie.

If I’ve learned anything it’s that I just have to ride all the waves.

I’ve also learned that even though I didn’t do anything extraordinary for me physically today-my body is in need of deep rest. I have a backlog of rest to make up-my body is just wrecked. Covered in bruises and scratches. Lines and bags under my eyes. Dry skin. I interviewed a Kinder today for early entry and we compared owies and scratches. It’s a thing we Kindergarten teachers do.

I’m going to also make it a thing that this Kindergarten teacher does by taking care of my physical, spiritual, emotional, financial selves. I’m putting that first so I can give more to others.

Now I’m in bed for more sleep. And water.


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