Thankful Thursday: Rebooting

Emotional up and down constantly is so exhausting. I got really sick this week from dehydration and heat. I felt so nauseated and weak it was hard to do anything and to concentrate on anything. I went home and got in bed and stayed there almost 24 hours. #notmypersonality

It was cumulative exhaustion from my life, for sure. My body is just done. In addition my body needs stretching and strength, but that’s the last thing I’d add right now with much intensity.

I’m disappointed in how little time I’ve had for my business this month. I’ve done hardly any work and it’s really frustrating and makes me sad. I’m generally feeling like all the side hustling ruined some of my momentum because I got so physically exhausted.

So my body has answered: STOP. Stop doing and running. Regroup. Sit and think. Write in your journal. Blog. Get centered again and return to #TheyWereBornDragons

I’m going to pray over myself for a while. I’m going to pray that I can stay calm. Not jump to conclusions. Stay peaceful. Love unconditionally. Expect nothing from others and receive what is given to me.

I’m just going to pray. Hard. That I grow into a better person for myself.

Painting by: Unknown graffiti artist. Art in abandoned building outside of Florence.

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