Self-Help Saturday: Farm and Wine

Ankenny Winery is my favorite in Oregon. The wine is spectacular and the location is humble and beautiful. It is owned by a Marine that retired from active duty and said “every man needs a garden,” so he planted a vineyard.

I stopped longer than I ever have today. I brought a snack and had a glass of wine watching the chickens with the winery dog. She enjoyed little bits of my lunchable meat.

I’m realizing that for me-meditation is simply doing only one thing at a time. Just one thing. And it’s ok if you shift after just a few minutes. Sitting and watching chickens is meditation. Petting a dog is meditation. Listening to music and watching the clouds is meditation. Even if your mind wanders. Just bring it back when you are conscious that it’s not focused and keep watching the birds or petting the dog.

Be. Right here.

What a huge blessing.

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