Fortune Friday: Order

A big part of being financially stable is being organized and aware of where money is going and coming in your life. It’s as spiritual as any other area of our lives, but we don’t usually equate it so.

My my money boyfriend is doing ok, but he’s coasting a bit. He’s not doing a whole lot to impress me lately.

But that’s not super fair. He worked hard to give me some refi cash and side job money. But big passive income is not there for me yet and that’s my ultimate goal.

In case you didn’t remember, I started thinking about my money as a beloved boyfriend this summer while in Mexico. I rationalized that money needs to be vibrationally treated like the sexiest and fanciest and lovingest boyfriend ever, and that’s for sure a big change for me.

I need to delve back into my business and figure out what it actually is.

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