Tribe Tuesday: Five Year Olds and a Middle Aged Gal Walk Into a Classroom…

First day of 12th year teaching in Elementary School

What a super cool day.

I can’t remember having a first day start so smoothly. Plenty of things could have stressed me out. Plenty.

Over the years I started to get uncomfortable with the Kindergarten back to school routine. We would artificially interview every.single.kiddo alone in a quiet room, and then two days after the rest of the school we’d start and they had no idea how to do School, and it was always stressful and exhausting for the entire month.

It was silly. I made some beginning pleas for a change last fall, and after 5 months of research and evidence, my principal agreed. She was always open, to be fair, but she wanted to get more clear a picture of what it would look like first. We will have two AMs and two PMs with each half of the total group. Friday we make our final class lists.

Having 41 Kindergarteners and not knowing what they are doing to go home and swapping classes half day and all the controlled chaos might have made the me of last year freak out.

I was literally calm and peaceful and blissfully patient all day.

I’m just refusing to let anything ruffle me this year if I can help it.

Everything I did this summer to work on myself and my inner peace and calm seems to have worked. Today I was happy to be with everyone and smiling and full of joy. They were amazing and I loved it.

I peeked at my former Kindergarteners from last year, now big 1st graders, several times. They were rocking it and being responsible and excited to learn. I am so proud of them!!!

It’s going to be an amazing year.

2 thoughts on “Tribe Tuesday: Five Year Olds and a Middle Aged Gal Walk Into a Classroom…

  1. It is very important to start your day great Jen 🙂

    1. Yes it sure is! Thank you.

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