Wild Card Wednesday: The Honeymoon is over


Today was still a great day at school but one of my friends made many poor choices and I had to write several reports.

He needs me. He needs to know I will love him and provide structure no matter what.

Then I came home and found out that some of the resident teenager stories were not 100% honest.

I’m ok. We are all ok.

I said my truth and laid out appropriate boundaries today and my message was heard.

Yeah the Kinder tried to double flip me off-but he got it wrong and used his ring finger. I said “I know you’re using a substitute curse word and it’s not ok.”

He continued. It was kind of hilarious.

I think I’m going to have to make him and the other challenging compadres in my future class with him “in charge” in a special way that makes them feel like they are the leaders. Kind of like how Jack Black (Dewey Finn) makes Miranda Cosgrove (Summer Hathaway) the “Band Manager” in School of Rock.

My special friends are going to be in charge of some manufactured “totally crucial and important” details this year. I’ll make them think we can’t live without them.

Because really-we can’t. I’d so rather they use their powers for good instead of evil. We all will benefit from these kiddos being their best.

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