Thankful Thursday: Inside the Kitchen

Thoughts on the eve before my Old as Hell 48th birthday:

I have so much pride in my ability to make a pretty great meal with what’s in the pantry and fridge and whatever leftovers I can use.

Tonight I made black beans and rice with a whopping amount of flavor, and leftover ribs that were burnt by accident on Sunday, but were still good. I covered them in BBQ sauce and baked them. They were perfect and everyone ate them. That said, the beans were the star. Tom-a generally dubious of black beans guy-ate them and kept eating them. I simmered them with whole garlic cloves, a bay leaf, curry powder, kosher salt, ground pepper and garlic salt.

They were phenomenal!

I grew up being taught how to be self sufficient. I learned this by being trained and expected to take care of the family by doing jobs that fed others and took care of the home. I have made at least part of (and then most of) dinner every night since I was about 11. My mom taught me how to use knives, how to season cast iron pans, how to sauté. But I never had a single lesson. I just was in the kitchen with her and watched. And then later I went to work in my parent’s restaurant and was supervised by my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Roger and my dad, and I was taught restaurant etiquette, how to clean dishes with crusty melted cheese, and learned you need to EARN your time the kitchen. My first night in the kitchen was a Grateful Dead concert- when Jerry was still alive-in 1990. Everyone ordered whole wheat crust and it stuck to the oven. I was on ovens.

I have so.much.appreciation. for my parents. Thank you.

I couldn’t have asked for a better training in life. The things I value the most about myself are my common sense and hustle-and I got that from them.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Inside the Kitchen

  1. that looks delicious Jen 🙂

  2. Love you, Jen. Lovely words. (I remember that night. I got to run the register at the bar. So many kegs.)

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