Fortune Friday: Life is a Teeter Totter

My friends were wacky today. I mean, wacky! I used my less sing song voice by the end of the day when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and couldn’t walk in line. It’s quite funny, actually. 5 year olds in line look like a mob walking down the hallway, taking up all the space, and their backpacks and jackets are in 100 directions and they’re dragging things and swinging things and touching all the things. It just was making me laugh. So I laughed.

Why let it cause me anything but the realization that-well-we need to practice more! And to laugh a little. Well, laugh a lot. I am determined to laugh a lot this year. It’s pretty sweet teaching them the letter of the day in ABC Bootcamp and the first B word one says is “bush.” We made little BEE 🐝 headbands and practiced our ABC song stopping at B.

It was adorable to see how smiley they were to learn how to sign everything. On the first day of school a kiddo said, when I asked for “give me five,” (the universal “get quiet” routine in elementary school), “Show the Love!” He proceeded to sign I Love You with his hand and so now when I put my hand in the air I say “Show the Love!”

The day was a pretty lovely Birthday. Tom gave me his gift before I even got out of bed-a pair of pearl earrings with little diamonds. ❤️ Then I want to work and my Kinder teammate left me flowers and a piece of carrot cake! It was super sweet. Then I told my friends it was my birthday and we sang me Happy Birthday and I put on a birthday sticker. Kindergarteners love birthdays!

On the way to dinner Tom and I talked about some stuff on the house. We got a surprise bill for our insulation-and it’s not tiny. We’ve always paid everything, so it came out of left field and we have to take care of it. We totally thought we’d paid it. Riding the teeter totter again, but we have a plan.

He took me out for a lovely amazing dinner at Grit where we ran into some of my old friends that I’ve known almost 20 years. Our kids went to preschool together and then they moved to Eugene a year before we did. We reminisced for a few and then Tom and I enjoyed our meal. He got a steak with fries and salad. I got an amazing handmade pasta dish with braised chicken and tomatoes. He liked his SALAD the most on his plate. That was some crazy voodoo shit-the man is a meat guy through and through! He even wore pants for our date! He wears shorts every day even in ice and snow. And he wore pants for me. ❤️

After, we went and got a few drinks at a bar I like and then came home and chilled with a movie. Another amazing and lovely day, with some birthday thrown in.

Wearing my Birthday earrings!

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