Wild Card Wednesday: What is a result of success

    I want to have enough money to never worry about paying the bills
    I want to be able to buy new underwear and bras when I need them and house repairs and stuff when it needs to be done
    I want to go to Tibet or China with Liam and think all the things
    I want to go to Mexico or London or Paris or Spain with Piper and just absorb art and music and bread
    I want to hide out with Tom in the middle of the ocean in a gorgeous hut with no one around and spend as long as we want in pleasure and happy
    I want to pay off my student loans and pipers
    I want to help my kids buy homes
    I want to help my mom more
    I want to always be able to take care of my car
    I want to not say things like “I can’t afford it”
    I want to buy all the cheese
    I want to be able to pay for classes I need for any reason
    I want to travel to everywhere and get paid to write
    I want to be untethered by location
    I want to paint
    I want to write
    I want to make beautiful spaces
    I want to always allow myself time
    I want more than anything to have the luxury of not worrying about the administrative part of life so I can actually live it.

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