Tribe Tuesday: Love Your Tribe, and please pray for it.

I found out today that one of my favorite friends, the husband of one of my close friends, had a major health event and is in the hospital in critical condition.

I am stunned and heartsick and don’t have much to say.

Please pray for everyone in the hospital right now. Send love to families torn apart by sickness, loss, health problems.

I know in my heart and guts that my friends will be okay, and their beautiful family will be okay. I know that the rough edges and scraggly terrifying torn parts that are shattering their life right now will smooth out, and they will create a new normal. My deepest desire is that their new normal isn’t too far off from the normal of 5 days ago. They run a family business together-all five of them- and the success and passionate life of their life is something that makes me happy just knowing there are people living their dreams. They are quite simply, one of the families in the world that makes me feel happy and blissed out, just knowing they are there.

Send your beautiful loving energy out to this connected, artistic, brilliant loving family. Please.

Thank you. img_0230-1

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