Fortune Friday: The potential and wisdom of sunflowers

There is nothing like a sunflower to make me believe in God more. Just thinking of their math, their reproduction odds, their sheer size…it makes me giddy with spiritual delight.


I mean consider the stunning facts of a sunflower.

  • each sunflower is the product of one fertilized seed growing and producing the plant
  • each sunflower can create 500-1500+ seeds
  • each sunflower seed holds the potential for new life that creates new life itself
  • sunflowers have perfect Fibonacci sequence, and the sunflower is a lesson in spirals
  • each sunflower is a flower that is made up of 100s of other flowers (florets)

I taught a lesson today at Friday School on the Fibonacci sequence/golden rectangle and the children loved it.



Here’s us making a Golden Rectangle with unifix cubes:


Who knew you could learn this all from a sunflower?

Love it!




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