Sunday full of Grace: Making and Dreaming

I bought fabric today to make baby quilts for some babies that are 4ish months old. I have not a single bit of guilt about being “late” for their gifts. I told their mamas that they’d get a quilt after they were born and when it started to get cold again. I got some really sweet fabrics at my favorite fabric store, Piece by Piece, and I’m excited to start.

This is my pincushion. My friend Katie made it for me as a Christmas gift 10+ years ago. She isn’t able to make anything right now, as she’s sitting in the hospital with her sick husband instead. But it cheered me up to use this pincushion and to send her a picture and some love. And to start making baby quilts.


After I bought the fabric I decided to go flirt with Dodge Chargers. Katie also has a Dodge Charger. (She’s cool like that.)  It is 100% the car I want to drive. My kids are grown. My dogs really don’t go in the car with me much, and I am in my car every single day. I commute everywhere, crossing 3 county lines almost daily. And quel surprise, Dodge Chargers are no more than Subaru Outbacks. I did not know this. 

If I’m insuring and paying for a car to drive, why not have the one I lust after? I’m a grown up. This is what I want and I can afford it, shockingly.

There is speed in my future. Probably a few months away, but in my near future.

Here are some glamour shots of the two I flirted with today.

You’re welcome.



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