Wild Card Wednesday: Use your gifts and Share them

We have unlimited potential. We walk around through our days in these bodies that are run by massive supercomputers, but no one gave us the manual. We don’t know what the right choices are, we have to learn what they are by learning what isn’t the right choice. We have to make so many mistakes and so many errors in our path. We have to work pretty hard to figure everything out.

It’s exhausting. And when it’s hard we let our subconscious mind take over and tell us that it’s hard because we’re dumb, or incapable, or our hair looks bad, or we have a bit of a speech problem. We think “Oh, I never arrive on time, that’s me.” That’s not true. It’s part of some underlying issue with our own subconscious mind that is getting in our way and making us late. (This is my life long path…figuring out how to be on time. Oh I suffer.)

So we have unlimited potential that is already in us, it is what we are made out of. We are here on this planet because our particular self is needed to give back to humanity in some way. Perhaps it’s making something or it’s healing or guiding or listening. Maybe it’s just to learn to listen to your own inner guidance and be present. Honestly. Our life’s path and our life’s purpose doesn’t need to be Nobel Laureate or PdD in biochemistry. Degrees and accolades are nice, but not really what the life path thing is all about. It’s what the Laureate or the biochemist does with who they are and the ideas they spread that are really important to our planet.

It’s like this. Every person we come in contact with in our life we impact in some way. For good or bad, our interaction no matter how short changes the trajectory of lives. Sometimes those moments are ones like my angel server from McDonald’s that I wrote about in August. She showed up in the moment I needed her and made me feel seen, loved, cared for. A person in the elevator or the Dari-Mart teller or the friend you make at a conference you never see again-these are all interactions that change us, AND change them. These moments are our own grand Choose Your Own Adventure.

Every time I talk to parents of children with uniquenesses that are similar to mine or my children’s that I feel so at home in the conversation. I just flow out information. I can talk for hours about ADHD, Autism, behaviorism, Talented and Gifted students.  I’ve been called on to support parents of kiddos that struggle this week. (Hint, we all struggle.) I texted almost every parent this week to tell them something I appreciated about their child. Some texts turned into phone conversations, and some texts were follow ups to long phone conversations.

I still feel like a total impostor sometimes. I don’t have a medical degree or a therapy license or a SPED degree. But my experience coupled with the degrees and passions I do have makes my particular point of view important. I know it is. I hear thank yous all the time, and while that’s nice, that’s not why I do what I do or why I write this blog.

I do this because I truly have a burning desire to give back to my community. And I have a hunch that I have to share my weird me-ness with more people. So that’s why I have been lamenting on “the best way,” and “who is this all for?”

It’s for who finds it, that’s who. My work is for who finds it or who finds me. It might be the Dari-Mart employee in JC that has a name I love and we chat about Autism every time we see each other. Maybe it’s for the readers that never reveal themselves but it makes them smile or think. It’s for the readers that like and comment. It’s for my co-workers, my family. It’s for the people that believe in spiritual growth and personal growth just like I do.

Maybe it resonates, maybe it doesn’t. I’m not here to please everyone. I’m here for the Dragons and people that love them, this band of half-crazed, highly intense and intelligent predators with probably some special uniquenesses like ADHD or Autism or TAG or Mental Health issues, or whatever you want to label it. I appreciate labels because they can be a starting road map, a beginning GPS. They are not the end-all-be-all, but they serve an important purpose.

So use your gifts. Don’t know what they are? We’ll talk about that more on another blog post. But if you do know what they are, let them out. Don’t hold them back. Don’t be stuck like the Joker played by Heath Ledger in his last role, and my favorite Batman movie,

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

I agree with his sentiment. It’s okay to have boundaries about this. But sometimes you do have to do things for free to build a reputation. But yeah, brother, charge for your skills as soon as you can!

If you’re good at something, and it fills a need for others, and you could do that thing in any circumstance because you love it…that’s it people.

Peace out for now, Dragons. Thanks for being my tribe.


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