Wild Card Wednesday

You know how in UNO you save your Wild Cards and specialty cards until you just totally need them, like you’ll be stuck with just drawing cards forever unless you do? Well, that is how today feels.

I LOVE my truck. It’s awesome and I have no regrets. But one of the reasons I bought it is that it can tow things. I want to trade in our RV for a travel trailer so we can just GO instead of being stuck with a motorhome in the middle of nowhere. WELL. It’s proving to be a little tricky to do so.

So. We’ll figure it out. But it’s hard. And add to that that I have conferences this week and worked late MW and Tom works late TU/TH, Liam is raising a puppy and it’s beautiful and hard, the teen with extra needs right now is having an especially hard week, another teen has her first homecoming, and there’s a second teen hanging around all the time with the stressed teen.

It’s just life. I tell myself as I sit on a couch coated in black dog hair. It’s just life. This is it, the world I chose and created for myself. This is the world I have always wanted, and I manifested it into being. It’s not always roses, and it’s not always shit. Every day has a little of both.

img_1097Maybe that’s my book title, “Not Always Shit, Not Always Roses.”  Eh, no. But it’s funny.

I got my school picture back. WHAT IS IT that I do in school pictures that make me look eager, earnest and slightly unkempt? It makes me laugh so hard. It’s like, this is how I take posed pictures. I will look like a dork no matter what I do, I suspect. However, Tom thinks this photo is really sexy. Lol.

You should see my Kindergarten class picture. I’m making a face like I got stung by a bee. It’s awkward and hilarious.

I guess that’s me. Awkward. Hilarious. Kinda cute.

Yesterday people were like, “wow, you got a big truck!!”


It was funny how people were surprised by my love of big trucks. I mean, I adore trucks. My co-workers and I went to a COSA conference in Portland last year and it was at Daimler Trucking. I think the COSA people got a good deal on site rent if they agreed to make every single attendee to the conference go to an “all about Daimler” 75 minute presentation. Most people were irritated out of their skulls. Me and my co-worker Katie were nerded out hard-core and loved learning all about trucks. We learned that someone is paid to drive a Western Star chassis from down the Atlantic coast north 100 miles and it’s just the chassis and a steering wheel! I want that job! We learned about trailer versus tractor and so on and more. Everyone else was asleep. We were into it!

I’m a truck nerd. I sold the Green Monster, my dad’s 1973 3/4 ton Chevy pickup about 6 years ago to a friend that got it started on January 1st in the dark in my driveway. I miss that truck, but honestly it wasn’t comfortable to drive. My new truck is like BUTTER. When Tom and I go to the races, it’s the trucks that come out and push the race cars off the track that get me excited. Oh, and I want to drive the water truck. Like for real.

I am a truck person. And a Subaru person. And I wear nail polish. And I love compost. And I want goats. And I have 3 college degrees. And I make things. And I love the dump. And I grew up in Montana. And I read classic literature growing up. And I can write in cursive. And I pretend to play guitar. And I am me. Just me. Don’t pigeon hole me or anyone else into a category because it is what makes sense to you. People are not the sum of their personalities. They are so much more, and mostly what their soul speaks out to God.

Just be you, peeps. Be you in the brightest light possible, with the best effects and sound system you can buy. Because you only live this particular reality once. You may have more lives, but you won’t remember this one. Live this one like your ass is on fire. OWN IT.



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  1. Great picture Tom. I agree with Tom 🙂

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