Fortune Friday: What and Why

We had a short PLC at school today and I didn’t want to go in any way. I wanted to just avoid people and go into my introverted shell.

Well, my wise co-workers had better ideas.

Know Your Why

My what? I’m still struggling to figure it out completely. I know part of my what is writing. Part is working with young children. Part is working with adults. Part is making things.

My why? The power of being seen, and the power of connection. That is my why.

I don’t have more to say right now, I’m feeling depleted and feeling exceptionally anxious about my presentation at the COSA conference next Friday.

It is now Saturday morning, 11/3.

I had a terrifying dream last night (let’s face it, I have bad dreams every night, but this one was way worse) and I just need to go drive. I’m going to go waste gas in my truck and drive to the ocean. On the way there and back I’m going to talk into my audio recorder and figure out my presentation.

IMG_1273Last night I got my hair done, and before I left to get it done,  I did my budget. It’s a tight budget, with a huge chunk of income going toward my truck. I DON’T CARE. It was a choice, and I stand by it.

Peace out.


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